•  Go to
  • Tap the three lines in the top left corner
  • Tap “Connect Wallet”
  • Under “Select wallet type” tap “Xumm App”
  • Tap the blue button that says “Open XUMM”
  • Slide to accept that you want to add it and tap the “Close” button after it
  • Tap the three lines again at the top left corner
  • Click the “Trade” option
  • On the top of the screen, tap “XRP-USD” (this is the trading pair)
  • Tap “Switch”
  • Change the Base to xToadz
  • Make the keyboard disappear: tap Done on the keyboard for iOS
  • Tap anywhere in the empty gray space to get the currency pair window to
  • From here you can place buy limits or buy at the current market price.
  • Note: Sometimes buying at the current market price fails, so you will have to
    set a ‘insta-fill’ buy limit
    Using buy limit orders with XRPtoolkit on a mobile browser:
  • In the middle of the screen click “Limit”
  • Under “Amount” type the amount of xToadz you wish to purchase. If
    purchasing less than 1, make sure to type a 0 in front of the decimal
  • Under “Price” type in the XRP amount you feel comfortable with. Looking at the
    order books (by tapping “Book” at the bottom of the screen) will inform your
    decision if you want it to fill quickly.
  • The price you type in is not what you are going to pay if you are buying less
    than 1. Buying 0.5 xToadz at 4000 XRP will only deduct 2000 XRP from your
    account for the transaction.
  • One token will get you one NFT.
  • You will need to buy tokens. This ensures a healthy state of our ecosystem and
    rewards holders. When the core Non Functional Infrastructure on the ledger is in
    place, we will generate your xToadz along with the attributes which make it rare.
    There will be more information on this later down the line.
  • There will only ever be 10,000 xToadz.
  • There will be multiple airdrops and giveaways down the line, but most of these will be rewarding community members who hold 1 xToadz.
  • xToadzXXL will be airdropped to each account with 2 or more xToadz. The remainder will be available to purchase on the DEX. It is 1 xToadzXXL for every 2 xToadz and there is no limit to the amount each wallet can hold. (5K Max Distribution)
  • sToadz will be airdropped to the bridged Songbird Address for every  xToadzXXL the holders has on the XRP Ledger. It’s a one to one ratio and there is no limit per wallet. 
  • $RIBBITS are our rewards currency for holders. They can be used in the future to buy more NFT’s on our platform. They will be distributed to holders of xToadz and xToadzXXL through airdrops and later through staking NFT’s on our DApp. 
  • We will always communicate on twitter any sales and reasons for them. This is to ensure complete transparency in everything we do and to maintain an open relationship with our xToadz family. Certain decisions will be put up for vote in which the community can decide.
  • XUMM will not directly be building any NFT applications. However, there are third parties who will plug into your XUMM wallet allowing the support of the XLS-20d and XLS-14d standard. As soon as these applications have been onboarded, you will
    receive your NFT. Just think of it as an NFT button on the XUMM wallet.
  • Yes, all traits will be submitted into an algorithm that then produces 10,000 unique images of varying rarity. Some traits will be “common,” some will be “rare,” and some will be “very rare.”
  • There will be third party applications which will provide this capability. After the minting, the initial token will be burned resulting in the supply decreasing.
  • Instilling confidence in the XRP community and setting a positive example of transparency and compliance are of paramount importance to us. There have been too many rug pulls on the ledger up until this point, and so we have taken it upon ourselves to make every effort to combat bad actors, and we will continue to do so.