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The Founders


Kingsman xToadz

An early investor in XRP with a passion for product, programme, and product delivery. Kingsman has run and owned several successful start-ups.  His objectives are always to deliver sustainable customer centric products aligned within a delivery framework that ensures longevity and quality above all else. He is passionate about the following.

  • Kaizen which means continuous improvement

    • Process: Plan, develop, evaluate, and learn

    • Product: Iterative, continuous feedback loops, honest self-assessment

    • Personal: Face to Face Transparency, allowing for adaptation and flexibility.

  • Shuhari

    • Shu: Follow the rules until they sink in

    • Ha: Reflect on the rules and look for exceptions.

    • Ri: Forget the rules and let innovation begin.

Favourite quote: “Sometimes your history determines the fierceness with which you fight against what is in front of you.” – Unknown


Pirate xToadz

Pirate began investing in XRP in early 2017. He has been working in finance since his teenage years, studied economics at university, and has been interested in art his entire life. The marriage of finance, economics, and art in the world of NFTs on the XRPL was the perfect fit for his dovetailing interests.

Pirate delights in the opportunity to create novel concepts and engage an audience through the sheer creativity and merit of the foundational ideas. His aim is providing great art and unique tokenomics to the XRP community so as to enhance their blockchain experience.

“The transcendental unity of apperception is the condition of the possibility of objective knowledge in general.” – Kant


The Team 

Outside of the founders, we have a team of graphic and digital designers as well as a principal architect to support the roadmap. We also have the support of two UX specialists as well as a number of Devs in the Ledger space. We are constantly looking for brand ambassadors as well as players in the space to link up on partnerships. We have a few lined up, but please feel free to contact support if you are interested in a collaboration.

We’d love to hear from you if you’re an influencer, designer, artist or have a project on or off the XRP Ledger that you think would work well with our brand.



The first action taken by Kingsman xToadz was to ensure KYC on XUMM.

There have been a number of rug pulls, with an intrinsically great community losing money as a result of a few bad actors. My passion for financial regulation as well as the adoption of this new ecosystem had me in talks with the Ledger Team on how to ensure consumers, XRP Holders, were not robbed of their hard earned XRP. It happens in all ecosystems, and what I can say is the XRP Dev Team are the finest delivery team Ive come across with it being close to mission impossible to moderate anyone with poor intentions. That said; there is no way this product would have launched without being KYCD and the tokens blackholed”.

This is not a judgement on other tokens that have launched without KYC; some credible and wonderful assets to the community. It’s just a route we were never going to go down.


About xToadz NFTs

xToadz at inception began as a mechanism for exploring the soon to be implemented XLS-20D upgrade to the XRPL, which intends to facilitate non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The xToadz specific aesthetic was chosen for its simplicity and fun, which presumably would encourage adoption of the project and effectively transition XRPL users gradually towards acceptance and use of its new NFT capabilities.


Aesthetics & Rarity

This project was inspired by our love of NFTs and vast experience with them over the years. Our favorite NFT projects have been pixel art due to the wonderful nostalgia they inspire for the early days of both video games and the internet. Conceptually it accesses something pure and reassuring in our consciousness, and our desire was to share that sentiment.

Each image is comprised of 4 layers: head, eyes, mouth, body. Each layer has 10 variant traits allowing for 10,000 total NFTs (10 heads x 10 eyes x 10 mouths x 10 bodies = 10k).

Extreme effort was made to create wonderfully unique and playful traits for each layer. For example, our Party Toad features a top hat for the head, sunglasses for the eyes, a cigarette for the mouth, and a gold fill for the body. Each trait is assigned 3 levels of rarity ranging from: common to rare to very rare. The final NFTs will be algorithmically constructed and feature variable rarity decided randomly.

Note: sToadz has six layers.


Our Product Vision 

Our vision is to constantly evolve as the landscape changes. We believe in three pillars when it comes to innovation and creativity; Inspect, Adapt and Change. We want to be known for quality and high-end boutique products NFTs for the discerning customer. We have an aggressive roadmap which evolves above and beyond our genesis first edition, partnering with different networks as well as focussing on The Meta and interoperability.

This is made possible because of the relationships that have been leveraged in the community long before xToadz was born. First and foremost, we will always remain true to our loyal customers maintaining an open and honest dialogue.


Our Mission Statement 

We believe that the creative industry has suffered more over the last few years than other verticals. Our aim is to tap into our rich pool of creative design elites and bring these limited-edition pieces of art to our community. We support the arts, the designers, the creators in a decentralised ecosystem where they are the aspiration first and foremost. We also believe in fun and will bring that to community with the expectation that it will always be appreciated. You will never find us bad mouthing another project, product, or person. We believe in the XRP community and just feel priviledged to be part of it.


Tokenomics and Distribution 

NFT IOUs will be distributed initially through Twitter giveaways via the main xToadz twitter account (as well as affiliate promotional accounts) and subsequently through airdrops for those who have setup the official trustline. The airdrop amounts will be varied randomly to encourage a dynamic marketplace where a hierarchy of holdings exist so that buying and selling equilibrium can be decided fairly by the market as opposed to a synthetic equilibrium created through equal distribution.

These IOUs will be exchangeable for NFTs at a 1:1 exchange rate, i.e., 1 token shall equal 1 xToadz NFT. Users who are distributed more than 1 token will be guaranteed an NFT so long as they hold on to at least 1 token. Those allocated less than 1 token initially will have to purchase the difference on the DEX if they wish to acquire a whole token to be exchanged for a whole NFT.

60% of total supply will be allocated to market participants. 40% will be retained by the founders for financing marketing, web development, backend support, day-to-day operations, etc.

Additionally, hodlers will be rewarded through THREE major mechanisms of distribution:


Major Mechanism of Supplemental Distribution #1 (MMSD1)

  • Accounts holding at least .5 xToadz will be allocated another distribution based on total xToadz held relative to total supply remaining. For example, if there are 3,000 xToadz being held and 3,000 xToadz remaining, all holders of at least .5 would receive a 1 to 1 match of their holdings. MMSD1 ensures rewards for those who at least .5 xToadz. We anticipate this will support constructive price movements through disincentivizing the sale of xToadz beneath .5 for any particular user and thus triggering a positive feedback loop of both price appreciation and market share aggregation, diminishing supply and eliminating relatively lower pricing. (Snapshot 1)

Major Mechanism of Distribution #2 (MMSD2)

  • Accounts holding at least 2 xToadz will be allocated an entirely separate NFT variant on the original xToadz. This new NFT will be a larger body curation.  There will only be 5,000 in total of these variants as opposed to the 10,000 small body xToadz that will initially be available. The variants will be based off the initial NFT featuring similar traits, however, they will feature larger bodies making them entirely distinct aesthetically from the initial collection. The aim of MMSD2 through these larger body xToadzXXL is to reward those who hodl with the most scarce resource in the xToadz ecosystem. With the a total supply AT 50% of the small body xToadz, such scarcity should confer even greater value to this series—that’s why it is being reserved for holders who support the overall ecosystem. (Snapshot 2)

Major Mechanism of Supplemental Distribution #3 (MMSD3)

  • Accounts holding at least 1 xToadzXXL will be allocated 1 sToadz (Songbird Network) based on the amount held relative to total supply remaining. There will be a total supply of 10000 NFTs with the curation being completely different in aesthetics compared to the xToadz variant. (Snapshot 3)


The bulk of the rewards will always go to xToadz Holders. While we expect a large percentage of people to sell their airdrop, the future rewards programme will be with the xToadz and xToadzXXL holders alone. Only holders of these tokens will remain eligible for future airdops, as well the staking functionality ($RIBBITS) in Q1 2022.



Kingsman xToadz works in a regulatory body so we would feel amiss not to mention risks. Spending money on a blockchain has inherent risks. There are no regulatory bodies to protect you as you would find with the traditional purchases of products from registered banks, bodies, and other entities throughout the world. We follow regulatory trends from the inside, but as it stands right now there is no consumer protection. With that said, we will always be transparent with changing developments in this space and believe it’s only a matter of time before we gain clarity.


Please Note

The Green Paper is a fluid document which will be constantly evolving as we continue to iterate.