Our Roadmap

Q4 2021
  • KYC to ensure our xToadz family are safe
  • Generate the IOU’s on XRP Ledger and blackhole the account to ensure no more xToadz will be minted
  • Onboard xToadz ambassadors to promote our vision and maintain a healthy ecosystem
  • Create & Launch Website
  • Release Green Paper
  • An initial xToadz Airdrop 
  • Early Adopter Pre-Sale of 1000 xToadz
  • A secondary xToadz Airdrop to reward hodlers 
  • Partnerships in and out of the core network to ensure we leverage the brand to the benefit of community holders
  • Create Discord channel
  • Discovery and Design for sToadz on the Songbird Network.
Q1 2022
  • Generate 10k “small body” NFTs.
  • Promotion of NFTs over social media channels (twitter, discord, etc.)
  • Exchange NFTs for tokens if XLS-20d implementation in place
  • Seek collabs with other NFT projects for cross-promotion and additional token incentives (“hodlers are rewarded”)
  • Mint and blackhole 5k xToadzXXL tokens
  • Prepare website for second series of 5k “large body” xToadzXXL NFT release
  • Prepare website for sToadz series of 10k on the Songbird Network.
  • Prime social media channels for xToadzXXL NFT release
  • Snapshot of community members holding at least 2 xToadz
  • Airdrop xToadzXXL tokens to those captured by snapshot holding 2 xToadz tokens
  • Mint sToadz and META NFT's (distribution of sRIBBITS) on Songbird Network.
  • And distribute to qualifying accounts
  • Roll-out of RIBBITS (weekly)
  • Roll-out ofsRIBBITS (weekly)
  • Bridge xToadz holders onto SGB network
  • Implement loyalty multiplier (based on holdings and purchases of underlaying assets)
  • Bridge RIBBITS (XRPL) to sRIBBITS  (SGB)
Q2 2022
  • Direct profits from xToadz and xToadzXXL distribution to fund dApp development.
  • Seek dApp development on Evernode network to create staking mechanism for small and large body holders. This will reward hodlers and early adopters.
  • Develop reward/governance tokens for dApp ecosystem.
  • Implementation of DAO.
  • META discovery pipeline.
  • Gaming discovery pipeline.
Q3 2022
  • Reward / Governance tokens to be distributed and / or set up for Pre-Sale. 
  • Release dApp on Evernode network
  • Develop ecosystem of xToadz NFT dApp by onboarding other NFT projects into dApp staking mechanism.
  • Distribute and Curate NEW NFT projects on dApp—both in-house and from other teams to spread and inspire network of creativity.
  • Reward loyal community members with FREE NFTs, for example, in a 10-image series, members would receive the first image for free.
  • Ensure dApp ecosystem is self-sustaining
  • Bitrue vote for reward/governance token to support price and reward participants