Signal provider

We are a trustworthy data provider for the Songbird and Flare Networks, an innovative blockchain ecosystem. Our contribution to their data aggregation is for the benefit of both the ecosystem and delegators to ensure the most accurate data enabling real-time logistics within the digital domain.

You can delegate to sToadz using this address: 0x879Fb0b354733674FD403286eBb2eB17EF97E5Ae

Through our collection, processing, and delivery of price signals to the Time Series Oracles on Songbird and Flare, we enable delegators to earn passive income, thus bolstering both the utility and security of the network.

Our price signals are collected and aggregated from the main high volume exchanges across the world to provide realistic median prices for the Songbird and Flare Network FTSO, and our services are operated on cloud infrastructure to minimize downtime and ensure the best performance.

The Songbird and Flare Network are next generation blockchains that bring Turing complete smart contracts to assets without the costly gas fees.

You can find more information about Flare and Songbird Network at